Wine Cellar "Velistsikhe Veranda"

The wine cellar is based on ancient family traditions, located in Kakheti region, the village Velistsikhe which has a 1500 years history.  Here you can get acquainted with Georgian culture and feel real Georgian spirit.

Your attention will attract:

• Satrapezo Veranda
• Wine Cellar "Old Kakheti"
• Liza Bebo's Rill with healing attributes
• Gallery
• Chacha veranda, "Zaoti"
• Mepuriaant Tone "Bread Bakery"
• Kakhetian Samtsvade
• Samma
• Satrapezo Veranda
• Wine degustation-salon were is possible to degust and buy of the wine from Kvevri and Georgian Brandy "Old Kakheti" as in Glass bottle as well in Clay jars.

We offer:

• Degustation of Wine in clay jars, "Kvevri" made through kakhetian traditional technology.
• Degustation of wine and Georgian brandy stored in Oak Barrels.
• Kakhetian bread baking with the traditional receipt of  Mepuriaant family
• Kakhetian Churchkela dip up
• In case of preliminary order we offer to taste the Georgian traditional dishes made by professional cook Mepuriaant Vano.

 Also different kind of entertainment programs by seasons:

• Kakhetian Traditional rites
• Come to see the ancient churches and monasteries (IV-XIX Century)
• View the beautiful nature of Gorge of Chermi.
• Take part in vintage process.
• Evenings of Georgian folk music and dance.  
• Walk in Velistsikhe.

 For every guest we have a pleasant present as a souvenir.