Nowadays "Kakhian Traditional Winemaking" company is one of the biggest company producing wine and brandy in Georgia. It exports its production to many markets all over the world and also it is the leader in selling in several countries for years.
Merging modern technologies and ancient traditions of wine-making the company could preserve an old, unique taste of wine and create its own unrepeatable style.
Production of "Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking" company is in glass bottles like Italian wine and also in clay vessels made in a traditional way. Clay vessel gives wine medicinal quality and ennobles its taste.
The company is an innovator in decanting wine in clay vessels in Georgian market. Each clay vessel is unique, it is made by hand and it has got a special design, which is created exclusively for our company. Clay vessels such as: "Tamada", "Alaverdi", "Tadzari" and "Dioskuria" received great approval from customers.