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A lot of local wine producing technologies exist in Georgia and among them the most famous is Kakhian. Kakheti is situated in the south-east part of Georgia. Because of unique climate and soil Kakheti is the leader in wine-making, that`s why producing of wine is widely spread and consolidated by centuries.

According to Kakhian traditional technology, after squeezing grapes a clay vessel, wine-jar is used to preserve fizzy new wine and wine.  It is made of fired and cultivated clay. The wine-jar is under the soil. It is the best for storing the temperature of wine. Besides it gives wine the beneficial quality and particular taste. A wine-jar is an inseparable part of Georgian wine-making. Clay and ceramics are used in Georgia since the ancient times. Producing ceramics began in VIII-VII millennium BC.
The company has been learning Kakhian technologies since the first steps of its existence. It keeps ancient traditions of wine-making and uses clay vessels for preserving the best quality of wine.
It is the first company, which took traditional wine  to the market in attractive and various vessels analogue to wine-jars. This finding was very successful.