About our factories

KTW owns 4 ultra-modern wine and brandy factories all over Georgia. Two factories located in Kakheti and two in Guria/Adjaria. All of our factories are equipped with latest “Della Toffola” equipment, starting from thermoregulation to wine filters and stainless steel tanks.

Apart from wine and brandy factories, KTW completed two fruit-processing plants in Guria/Adjaria for the production of our new label - Nena. Nena offers a wide variety of compotes, juices, jams, honey and preserves made from 100% natural Georgian fruits.

Our main factories, located in central Kakheti, serve as the main operating power for the company, producing and keeping most of our wine and brandy. Current liquid capacity - 15 million liters.

Kakheti, East Georgia is the heart of Georgian viticulture, while Guria and Adjaria are sleeping giants from the West in winemaking business due to the possession of extremely rare grape varieties in low quantities. Thus, KTW established two factories in Guria and Adjaria, which work directly on Gurian and Adjarian grapes. Our goal here is to revive ancient grape varieties that Guria and Adjaria has to offer and produce finest wines of West Georgia. KTW is also building Chateau Askana in the village of Askana, Guria where our predecessor Antimoz Chkhaidze was born. Chateau will offer hotel rooms, restaurant, traditional wine cellar and a beautiful view of Gurian mountains.

About our factories

Alot of local wine producing technologies exist in Georgia and among them the most famous is Kakhian. Kakheti is situated in the south-east part of Georgia. Because of unique climate and soil Kakheti is the leader in wine-making, that`s why producing of wine is widely spread and consolidated by centuries. The wine-jar is under the soil. It is the best for storing the temperature of wine.

The wine-jar is under the soil. It is the best for storing the temperature of wine.

The company has been learning Kakhian technologies since the first steps of its existence. It keeps ancient traditions of wine-making and uses clay vessels for preserving the best quality of wine.

It is the first company, which took traditional wine to the market in attractive and various vessels analogue to wine-jars. This finding was very successful.