Nowadays "Kakhian Traditional Winemaking" company is one of the biggest company producing wine and brandy in Georgia.

About our factories

Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking Company has finished another project in Saguramo, Mtskheta region. The Company had a grand opening ceremony of a newly restored and rebuilt historical wine cellar of ThadeozGuramishvili

Georgia is considered to be home of vine-growing and wine-making and a zone of producing high quality of wine. History confirms that there existed about 500 breed of grapes on the territory of Georgia. Nowadays 27 of them are remained and widely used.

Georgian wine-making history is connected directly to the history, culture and religion of Georgian people. For example, when St. Nino arrived in Georgia to preach Christianity she held vine cross tied up with her hair. Furthermore, Georgian creative nature and particular love for vine and wine were expressed in Georgian habits, architecture, ornaments, metalwork, painting, poetry, songs and other fields of art.

Exclusiveness and uniqueness of Georgian wine is supported by the convenience of natural conditions. All kinds of climate types existing on the Earth can be found in Georgia. Such kind of varieties are conditioned by our country situating on the boundary of subtropical and temperate climate zone. There is a fertile soil for the vine, Caucasian Mountains do not allow cold air to enter from the North. The Black Sea influence is also very important.

About our factories

Alot of local wine producing technologies exist in Georgia and among them the most famous is Kakhian. Kakheti is situated in the south-east part of Georgia. Because of unique climate and soil Kakheti is the leader in wine-making, that`s why producing of wine is widely spread and consolidated by centuries. The wine-jar is under the soil. It is the best for storing the temperature of wine.

The wine-jar is under the soil. It is the best for storing the temperature of wine.

A lot of local wine producing technologies 

The company has been learning Kakhian technologies since the first steps of its existence. It keeps ancient traditions of wine-making and uses clay vessels for preserving the best quality of wine.

It is the first company, which took traditional wine to the market in attractive and various vessels analogue to wine-jars. This finding was very successful.