Guramishvilis Marani

Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking Company has finished another project in Saguramo, Mtskheta region. The Company had a grand opening ceremony of a newly restored and rebuilt historical wine cellar of ThadeozGuramishvili

 Georgian wine-making history is connected directly to the history, culture and religion of Georgian people. For example, when St. Nino arrived in Georgia to preach Christianity she held vine cross tied up with her hair. Furthermore, Georgian creative nature and particular love for vine and wine were expressed in Georgian habits, architecture, ornaments, metalwork, painting, poetry, songs and other fields of art.

Exclusiveness and uniqueness of Georgian wine is supported by the convenience of natural conditions. All kinds of climate types existing on the Earth can be found in Georgia. Such kind of varieties are conditioned by our country situating on the boundary of A subtropical and temperate climate zone. There is a fertile soil for the vine, Caucasian Mountains do not allow cold air to enter from the North. The Black Sea influence is also very important.

Georgia is considered to be home of vine-growing and wine-making and a zone of producing high quality of wine. History confirms that there existed about 500 breed of grapes on the territory of Georgia. Nowadays 27 of them are remained and widely used.

Moreover, there were organized a high technology equipped grape-reprocessing store, degustation hall and other items of infrastructure in the surrounding area of the cellar. Tourists can find here the oldest item of the Georgian cultural heritage A€“ Thadeoz GuramishviliA€™s wine cellar, as for Georgian A€œMaraniA€. Visitors are also able to get introduced to the Georgian culture and taste some delicious Georgian wines. This sight of Guramishvilis and St. Ilia the Righteous is one of the most essential and magnificent touristic attractions in Georgia

After the assassination of Ilia Chavchavadze, the wine pressing was ceased in the historical Marani. Communists turned this territory into the place for dumps and cow pasture. Old historical pitchers were filled with waste and dust. Thanks to the Ltd. Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking Company old pitchers regained their former image and function. This restored wine cellar gives a great opportunityin order to keep and continue Ilia ChavchavadzeA€™s old tradition of wine pressing. The main purpose of these projects is to inquire better and raise awareness of St. IliaA€™s path

Besides, there are vineyard spots once owned by Ilia Chavchavadze himself, which were granted on lease to the KTW Company for 49 years by the state. These lands will provide restoring and further developing of old Georgian grape varieties. A very rare and likely forgotten vineyard of old Georgian grape variety has already been planted here. This area is well-equipped with modern water supply system

Georgian chamber of wine (Mtskheta)

The company Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking offers both wine and culinary tours in the town of Mtskheta, where for the first time in Georgia opened The Georgian Chamber of Wine, which has been built for several purposes. In the four floors of The Georgian Chamber of Wine are located

On the Third floorA there is a terrace with an spectacular view of Mtskheta Town and Jvari Monastery located at the top of the mountain, as well as to the nearby located church Samtavro. The pleasure of tasting of fine wines on the terrace for each guest will be truly unforgettable for a long time.

On the second floorA there is a restaurant for a wine gourmets, where the focus will be on the culture and traditions of wine consumption. Here is also a Georgian bread oven (tone), where you can watch the process of baking the traditional Georgian bread "shotispuri" and to try Georgian local barbecue, as well as get acquainted with the local cooking and the Georgian feast traditions. All this will be accompanied by folk dances and traditional Georgian singing.

On the Ground floorA there is a very Wine Chamber. Here our sommelier and wine expert of our company will hold wine tastings and master classes, as well tourists will be able to get the full information about rare and traditional Georgian grape varieties and wines.

On the Basement floorA is Marani King Mirian, with kvevri buried in the ground, where guests will have the opportunity to see the Kakhetian traditional method of wine making, famous for its 8000-year long continuous A history and try the wine from kvevri. Belong that, guests will have a possibility to be photographed by a stylized copy of the throne of King Mirian and Queen Nana, to try the kings dishes prepared according to traditional recipes that have been found and recovered by our chef.

Velistsikhe veranda

The wine cellar is based on ancient family traditions, located in Kakheti region, the village Velistsikhe which has a 1500 years history. A Here you can get acquainted with Georgian culture and feel real Georgian spirit.

Your attention will attract

  • Wine degustation-salon were is possible to degust and buy of the wine from Kvevri and Georgian Brandy "Old Kakheti" as in Glass bottle as well in Clay jars.

  • Liza Bebo's Rill with healing attributes

  • Mepuriaant Tone "Bread Bakery"

  • Wine Cellar "Old Kakheti"

  • Chacha veranda, "Zaoti"

  • Kakhetian Samtsvade

  • Satrapezo Veranda

  • Gallery

  • Samma

We offer

In case of preliminary order we offer to taste the Georgian traditional dishes made by professional cook Mepuriaant Vano.

Degustation of Wine in clay jars, "Kvevri" made through kakhetian traditional technology.

Kakhetian bread baking with the traditional receipt of  Mepuriaant family

Degustation of wine and Georgian brandy stored in Oak Barrels.

Kakhetian Churchkela dip up.